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Website on the 1979 Dune boardgame by Avalon Hill

This webpage is about the 1979 Avalon Hill boardgame called Dune, which is currently out of print. The game features planetary conquest, evil treachery, nuclear explosions and seemingly harmless spice collection. To win the game you must control 3 of 5 planet strongholds at the end of a turn. Each player has unique advantages and disadvantages, and allies can combine to win the game together. The game supports from 3 to 6 players (the more the better). The game is more enjoyable if you have read the Dune novel by Frank Herbert that it was based on.


April 29, 2016

Someone named Charles Reinert sent me a bunch of tips for all of the characters, which I have added to the Game Tips page. Thanks Charles!

January 17, 2003

I removed a lot of dead links on the links page, removed the link rating system (it requires too much upkeep), and only left the better Dune links on the page.

April 16, 1999

I updated all the links, added 21 new ones. If yours still isn't on there and you'd like it to be, just e-mail me and i'll put it up. I'll also add some more content related to the board game soon...

April 15, 1999

A cool guy named Klaude Thomas just sent me a bunch of tips for the Fremen. I just put them on the tips page. I hope he sends more for the other powers in the game :). I haven't played Dune for a while, i got preoccupied with lots of other stuff... I may try to organize another game with my friends and start playing again. Also, i'll be going to college (as a freshman!) in the fall this year, and i'll bring the game with me, so i can play it with my (future) buddies there. In any case i haven't abandoned the game, keep sending me e-mail! (i've only recieved 2 so far...).

Subsections of this site

Rules - The rules of how to play the game, with each characters abilities in it so they won't be skipped over.
Battles - Recorded battles on Dune by the webmaster and others.
Game Tips - Tips on playing Dune.
Links - Links to other Dune pages.

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