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You can print out these rules and use them in place of the published rules when playing the game. They are easier to follow and have all the special abilities of the different character sets so that you don't forget them. I know I did the first few games I played. You can also just read them to know how the game is played if you're still thinking about getting it yourself.


-- Select character sets, place at dots.
-- BnG writes down win prediction (turn and winner).
-- All players' leaders placed face down on board and mixed. Each player randomly picks four leaders, and each player picks one of those 4 leaders that is an enemy to be his traitor, and writes them down. Hrk gets all leaders that are enemy as traitors. Leaders are then returned to board, then to owners.
-- Spice to each player: Atr: 10 -- BnG: 5 -- Emp: 10 -- Fre: 3 -- Gui: 5 -- Hrk: 10
-- Fighting tokens on board: Atr: 10 in Arrakeen -- BnG: 1 in any territory -- Emp: none
Fre: 10 through Sietch Tabr, FW south, FW west -- Gui: 5 in Tuek's Sietch -- Hrk: 10 in Carthag
-- Treachery cards dealt out: 1 to each player. Hrk gets 2 treachery cards.

1 - Storm

-- On first storm round, players on either side of storm start dial 1 to 20 on the battle wheel; storm is placed that distance from storm start (counterclockwise).
-- On second storm round on, storm is moved distance picked randomly by Fre on the previous turn.
-- Fre selects storm marker unseen from mug for next storm round movement, not showing to anyone.
-- All tokens and spice in sand territories the storm passes over or lands on are destroyed. The Polar Sink, Strongholds, rock territories, and the Imperial Basin are safe. Arrakeen, Carthag, and the Imperial basin are not safe when Family Atomics have been detonated on the Shield wall. Only half (rounded up) of Fre's tokens are destroyed when a storm moves over them.

2 - Spice Blow

-- Spice card turned over, spice placed on the asterisk of indicated territory. Fre can use the karama to call a worm only in the spice blow round after the spice card has been shown. A called worm doesn't cause a Nexus.
-- If the spice card is a worm, all spice and tokens in the last spice territory turned over are destroyed, and another spice card is drawn. Fre's tokens aren't destroyed, but can be moved to any one territory on the board (subject to occupation and storm). Fre's allies don't get devoured by the worm. Additional worms appearing that turn can be put anywhere the Fre wants (Tokens can only be devoured if in the desert). The Nexus/Alliance session starts.

3 - Bidding Round

-- Any player who has no spice gets 2 spice from the bank (Choam charity). BnG gets charity every turn.
-- An amount of cards are dealt out for the amount of people who are able to bid on them (no one can have more than 4 cards except Hrk, who can have 8 of them).
-- Atr gets to look at card up for bid.
-- "First player" (storm/dot rule) starts bidding on first card.
-- High bidder pays spice to the Emp; when Hrk is high bidder, he gets an extra card off the treachery deck (if he doesn't go over 8 total cards owned).
-- Starting bid rotates counter clockwise.
-- If everyone passes without bidding on a card, the bidding round ends.

4 - Revival

-- Atr may look at the spice card on the top of the deck.
-- Players recieve free revivals: Atr: 2 -- BnG: 1 -- Emp: 1 -- Fre: 3 -- Gui: 1 -- Hrk: 2
-- Additional revivals cost 2 spice per token. No more than 3 tokens, free and bought, can be revived in one turn, except by treachery card.

5 - Shipdown

-- BnG must declare coexistance or non-coexistance in all territories she occupies with other players.
-- "First player" starts, then turns go counterclockwise. Gui can take his turn whenever he wants.
-- The player ships from his reserves to any territory on the board, except territories in storm (except Fre, who only recieve half losses by travelling through a storm) and strongholds held by 2 players (except BnG, who can coexist). When any player except Fre ships onto Dune, the BnG can ship for free one token into that territory (only if BnG is going to be coexistant in that territory the rest of that turn there) or to the Polar Sink. When BnG ships into a territory occupied by another player, she must declare whether she is coexistant there or not.
-- Fre have to come onto the board from the Great Flat, and can come in to within 2 territories of the Great Flat. If the Great Flat is in storm, Fre recieve half losses (rounded up). If Fre owns Carthag or Arrakeen, they have access to ornithopters, and can move in to within 3 spaces of the Great Flat.
-- Gui has three choices of what type of shipment to make: Ship from reserves to Dune; ship from any territory to any other territory (subject to storm/occupancy); ship from Dune back to reserves.
-- The cost of shipment is 1 spice per token to a stronghold, and 2 spice per token to the desert. All payments go to Gui. The Fre don't have to pay for shipments (except if allied with Gui, and makes a Gui type shipment). Gui pays half price (rounded up) for shipments. Gui pays 1 spice per every 2 tokens shipped back to reserves. Guild Allies can use the same types of shipment as Gui and pay Gui prices.

6 - On planet movement

-- "First player" starts, then turns go counterclockwise. Guild can take his turn whenever he wants.
-- The player moves as a group any number of tokens from one territory to another territory. Players who occupy Carthag or Arrakeen can move the group 3 territories. Fre can move 2 territories. Everyone else can move only one territory. Only one move per turn can be made (except by treachery card). When a player moves into a territory occupied by BnG or BnG moves into a territory occupied by someone else, BnG must declare whether she is coexistant there or not.
-- No group can move through a sector in storm (except Fre, who can move in at half loss of tokens (rounded up)), or into a stronghold already occupied by 2 other players (except BnG, who can coexist). It must be made clear which sector of a territory a group of tokens is in (because of the storm). Tokens maybe only be 'shifted' inside a territory (between sectors) during the movement round (and doesn't cost movement).

7 - Leader revival

-- If all 5 of a player's leaders are dead, one leader per turn can be revived, costing that leader's value in spice, until all leaders have been revived. Revived leaders are still subject to being traitor.

8 - Battle

-- Where two or more players occupy a territory, a battle occurs. Coexistant BnG cannot fight in a battle. No battles can occur in the Polar Sink. A battle cannot happen in a territory where the two armies are seperated by a storm.
-- The "first player" is the aggresser, and chooses the order to fight the battles. Who is aggressor moves counterclockwise.
-- Battle plan: each player in the battle decides troops committed, leader (real leader or cheap hero), weapon, and defense. Worthless cards can be played as weapon or defense. A cheap hero/ine can be played in place of a real leader. Each leader can only be used in one battle per turn. If no leader is being played, the player must declare that he has no leader, and he can't use any treachery cards in battle.
-- BnG can 'voice' the opponent to play a specific weapon or defense. If the opponent cannot do so, he can do what he wants in his battle plan. The BnG can also voice an ally's enemy's weapon or defense.
-- Atr can force his opponent to show one part of his battle plan (leader, weapon, defense, or troops committed). If the opponent is not playing a weapon or defense, Atr cannot ask to see another part of the plan. Atr also can force their ally's enemy to show one part of their plan.
-- Winner of the battle is the player with the higher total of number dialed plus leader's fighting strength. Aggressor wins the tie. Starred tokens are worth 2 in battle, except Emp's starred tokens are only worth one token against Fre.
-- If a player played a weapon card and the opponent didn't play the right defense for that weapon, the opponent's leader is killed. If a lasegun is used, the opponent's leader is killed no matter what. Both leaders can be killed at once. When the leader is killed he doesn't count in the battle.
-- If either side played a shield and either side also played a lasegun, everything in that territory is annihilated, including tokens, spice, leaders and treachery cards used in that battle.
-- The player/s who kill their opponent's leaders get the leader's fighting value in spice. Leaders can only be killed by treachery card, so if a side loses a battle, they still keep their leader.
-- The losing player's tokens are destroyed, and all their treachery cards are discarded. The winner only loses the committed troops (or leader if killed), and may discard or keep any of the treachery cards used in battle.
-- If Atr loses 7 total tokens in one turn, he gets the Kwisatz Haderach. The KH adds 2 strength to the leader being played, and can't be played by self (but it can be used with a cheap hero/ine). If leader is killed, the KH is not counted. The KH can only be destroyed by a lasegun/shield explosion. When destroyed, it must be revived like other leaders.
-- Every turn Hrk wins a battle, he can select without seeing any of his opponent's leaders (including the leader in that battle if still alive, but not leaders used in other battles already). He can choose to send it to the tanks for 2 spice, or use it in a battle (the leader can only be used once, and must be returned to its original owner if not killed). A captured leader is always a traitor for the original owner.
-- If in battle a player's opponent uses a leader that the player selected as a traitor, the player calls out 'Treachery!' and immediately wins the battle. The opponent loses all the tokens, cards, and the leader played. Hrk gets the leader to use in battle, as said above.
-- The winner loses nothing, and gets the opponent's leader's fighting value in spice as usual.
-- If both leaders are traitors, both sides lose all tokens, leaders, and cards palyed, and no spice is received for dead leaders.
-- Hrk traitors can betray ally's opponents.

9 - Spice collection

-- Any player who occupies a territory with spice collects that spice. If the player occupies Carthag or Arrakeen, 3 spice per token is collected; otherwise, 2 spice per token is collected. Uncollected spice remains.
-- Anyone who occupies Carthag recieves 2 spice, Arrakeen 2 spice, and Tuek's Sietch 1 spice.
-- To win, a player must occupy 3 strongholds at the end of the turn; an alliance must occupy 4 total strongholds.


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