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Other sites on Avalon Hill's Dune

Colin's Dune Pages - scanned images from the game, a compiled set of game rules, and some articles about the game.
Boycat's Dune PBEM page - page for Dune Play By E-mail, with some variant rules for the extended factions
Richard Vickery's Expansion rules for Dune - unofficial set of expansions for the game
Variant: Dune - another set of rules for the Bene Tleilaxu and Ix.

Official Dune sites

Official Dune News - Official news on the Dune; mainly about the prequels being written.
SciFi.com's Children of Dune - SciFi.com's official site on their upcoming miniseries "Children of Dune".

Dune Fan sites

Arakkis/Dune - a filmBook - Has a lot of images and 3d rendered artwork, plus some info about the books. 
Dart's Dune Page
- Has a mailing list, a page of how different people pronounce words from the Dune universe, a chat applet, Dune message board, and personal reviews of the books in the series. Navigation is somewhat clunky.
Dreamers of Dune
- Has a forum, a glossary, a bunch of fan fiction, and some information on the books, movies, and games. Looks very nice and is frequently updated.
Dune - Behind the scenes
- This site has very comprehensive information on the Dune movie, including pre-production stuff, scenes cut from the movie, and bloopers.
Dune Index
- Has lots of cover images and information on the different book versions and the movie, and information about Frank Herbert and various Dune-related games. 
Dune Masterworks
- Some information on the books; has images and audio on several subjects of the movie.
Hacker's Dune
- Has some audio files, the dune movie script, images from the movie, quotes, and princess irulan documents.
- Some Dune inspired artwork, an active message board, some information on the books, movies, and games, and some polls. Looks good and is frequently updated.
The Kwisatz Haderach page
- Has pictures and character information from the movie plus some other information.
Sihaya Homepage
- A little too cluttered. Has a bunch of collected stuff like interviews, timeline, biography, images, sound/music files, quotes, a countdown until dune happens, and much more. Would be a great site if it was organized better.
Usul's Homepage
- Has information on the books and movies, plus quotes, word pronunciations, fan fiction, dune themes, and faction information. 
The World of Dune
- This site is full of a lot of different things, such as information on the movie, books, games, collectibles, and other stuff. It also has a message board, voting polls, desktop themes, and is the original location of the map of Arrakis in computer form.

Dune sites In Other Languages

Chroniques de Dune - in French
Oliver Faulhauber's Homepage - in German

Specialized Dune sites

Dune, 7th book  - Speculative information on a 7th Dune book.
Dune: Foldspace - Role playing game run by creative fiction.
Dune III Mush - A Dune MUSH set 100 years prior to the opening of Dune.
The Chapterhouse Times
- A fan page for the Dune CCG with a bunch of information, tips, and tricks for the game.
GURPS Dune - A Dune game ruleset based on the Generic Universal Role Playing System
The Official Unofficial DuneMud page - DuneMud: features different planets, joining guilds, etc.
Official DuneMUD Website - official website for DuneMud.

Groups/clubs for Dune

Avalon Hill Dune Yahoo group - yahoo club for the Avalon Hill Dune board game, the game this webpage is about.
Dune CCG Yahoo group - yahoo club for the Dune CCG.
Dune Yahoo group - general Dune yahoo club.

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