3 way battle - May 17, 1998

-Harkonnen: Garrett
-Emperor: Ginger
-Fremen: Ben

Two of us had played for the first time the night before in an unfinished game of 6 people. The game mainly consisted of learning how to play, so we didn't get too far before we had to quit. In this game only 3 people played, making it easier to control. Word of advice: learn the game with few people (if they don't know it either), and later have bigger games if most know how to play.

The game opened up with Harkonnen taking Arrakeen along with having Carthag and the Emperor shipping down to Tuek's Sietch. The Fremen spread out, occupying the Habbanya Ridge Sietch along with having Sietch Tabr. Harkonnen attacked Habbanya Ridge Sietch, leaving some spice to the Fremen, which was a bad idea. The Fremen got a monopoly on spice and gobbled it up all over the place, while the Harkonnen filled Arrakeen and Carthag with troops.

In an attempt to get some spice himself, Harkonnen advanced to a spice blow, where Fremen promptly called a worm out which ate half of the Harkonnen's total force. Another spice blow appeared nearby in the Minor Erg, and everyone jumped on it. The Harkonnen pulled an Ace with a lasegun/shield combo, wiping the spice and tokens off the spot, not exactly to everyone's excitement. Everyone began to build up their forces again after the previous fiascos, not making any major moves, still plotting what to do.

A worm appeared and the Fremen rode the worm into Tuek's Sietch, still occupied by the emperor, but jumped out for some spice instead of battling. As everyone's spice was piling up, the treachery cards were cycling with minor squabbles going on in various areas. Everyone basically owned what they had from the start, since no one was bold enough to go on any major campaigns.

Then the Harkonnen made his move: he shipped a token into Tuek's Sietch, crawling with Emporer's troops, and in battle pulled a traitor, sending half the Emperor's total force to the tanks, and leaving one token to hold it down. On the same turn he had moved a token into Sietch Tabr, pulling a lasegun/shield combo again, seriously denting the Fremen's forces. On the next turn, the Harkonnen moved his forces into Sietch Tabr for the win, with no one in range to challenge him.

Game Analysis:

-Don't sit around. Be bold. The game can be over really quickly before you can do anything.
-To win: when you have enough force, make a quick swift move for the win, and have tricks up your sleeve. I won this game using only two tokens, the right cards, and a traitor.
-The complexity is what makes this game fun; other complex games wouldn't make much sense, but this one is put together well, and makes it more fun than simpler games like Risk. It's worth your time to get into the game and learn it.
-I love that lasegun/shield combination. Watch out if someone slips a token into one of your large armies. He may be preparing to wipe you off that territory then moving in with a bigger force.

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